Horseradish Steak Sauce
Horseradish Steak Sauce

Horseradish Steak Sauce

August 26, 2016

A chef at a posh country club buffet gave me the ingredients for this terrific steak dipping sauce. Unfortunately, he didn't share the measurements for each ingredient. So, I made it at home & after about 5 tries I nailed it! I usually serve this with steak or prime rib, but you can also use it to add a kick to other food items (see Tip# 1).

Serves: 2 to 3


1/4 cup sour cream

1/4 cup Gold's Horseradish or if you can find one, use any brand that contains only grated horseradish, vinegar & salt (see Tip# 2)

1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/4 tsp Sriracha sauce


1 Add all the ingredients into a 2 cup glass bowl, Stir with a whisk till well combined.

2 Cover & refrigerate for at least 3 hours to allow the ingredients to marry & attain maximum flavor.

3 Serve with your meal in little condiment cups for dipping.

Horseradish Steak Sauce

Tips & Suggestions

1 As an example, add some of this sauce to kick up your mashed potatoes... YUM!

2 I found Gold's Horseradish at my local supermarket, in the refrigerated area near the block & grated cheese. You may need to ask an employee if they carry it & where you can find it in their store.


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