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Asparagus Amandine

Amandine (pronounced “ah-mahn-DEEN”) refers to a dish that is served garnished with sliced or slivered almonds. Trout, green beans & asparagus are frequently prepared in the amandine style. This recipe is so delish & is a great pairing with many foods such as fish, chicken & steak. It’s very easy to make & cleanup is minimal!

Serves: 2 to 4


2 1/2 cups organic chicken or vegetable broth
1 lb fresh thin asparagus, cut off hard, tough bottoms & discard
3 Tblsp butter
1/8 to 1/4 cup sliced or slivered almonds
Kosher salt to taste
2 to 4 thin fresh lemon wedges (depending on whether you’re serving 2, 3 or 4)


1. In a large skillet; bring broth to a boil on high heat. Add asparagus, reduce heat to low, cover & simmer 6 to 7 minutes till crisp-tender. Drain & set aside.

2. In the same skillet; melt butter on medium heat. Add almonds & reduce heat to low. Cook & stir occasionally until almonds are golden brown & butter is just barely browning (be careful not to burn the butter).

3. Add cooked asparagus to the butter/almond mixture & toss gently till coated.

4. Immediately add individual servings to plates & top each with some almonds & butter from the skillet. Season with a little salt & serve with a lemon wedge on the side.