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Breakfast Sandwich

Gawd, I am such a Foodie… I actually dreamt this sandwich to life while I was sleeping one night! Good thing I remembered it when I woke up & made it that morning for breakfast. It tasted just as great as I imagined it would… it’s salty & sweet, easy to prepare & oozing with deliciousness, so what’s not to love?

Serves: 1


2 strips of Applegate Sunday bacon or other brand of bacon uncured, no nitrates, from humanely raised pigs
2 slices raisin cinnamon bread
1/4 Tblsp butter
1 organic egg
Optional: salt & pepper


1. In a skillet; fry up bacon (covered) on medium to med-high heat. Remove from heat & place strips on a paper towel lined plate. reserving the bacon grease in the skillet.

2. Once drained; toss the paper towel & slice each strip into 4ths.

3. Toast the bread till golden & remove to the plate. Evenly distribute bacon pieces on one piece of toast.

4. Add butter to skillet & heat over med-high heat till melted & hot. Reduce heat to medium, add the egg, cover & fry up the way you like it… either sunny side up, over easy or over medium.

5. Remove from heat, place egg on top of bacon, add a little salt & pepper if desired, top with the other piece of toast, slice & serve immediately.