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Fried Bananas

I love to serve this alongside any spicy dish, it helps to cut down on the spices & really adds a new level of flavor to any meal. But don’t limit yourself to that suggestion, this pairs up nicely with so many dishes & is a great substitution for potatoes. Even your kids will love this!

Serves: 2 to 4


1 Tblsp butter, softened
2 Tblsp unsulphured molasses (see Tip# 1)
2 firm organic yellow bananas (no dark spots)
1 Tblsp vegetable/canola oil


1. In a small bowl; mix butter & molasses… it’s ok if there’s lumps of butter. Set aside.

2. Leave bananas unpeeled, wash & dry thoroughly.

3. Heat a 10″ cast iron skillet on med-high till hot, about 2 minutes. While waiting; trim ends of bananas & slice in half lengthwise. Rub banana halves all over with oil.

4. Place bananas, skin side up, in the heated skillet. Cover & cook 2 minutes till golden.

5. Flip bananas over, reduce heat to medium, cover & cook another 2 minutes.

6. Remove to serving plates, flat side up. Spoon some butter/molasses over each banana & serve immediately with your meal.

Tips & Suggestions

1. For a little more tart flavor; in place of regular molasses use Pomegranate Molasses & 1/2 tsp organic cane sugar.