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Hot Pastrami Sandwich

I can’t go more than a month without making a Hot Pastrami Sandwich. For me it’s one of my favorite comfort foods! You can buy pastrami in most grocery store deli departments. However, the secret to a great pastrami sandwich is using really good pastrami… I suggest buying it at the deli counter at your favorite local deli restaurant. Their pastrami usually has a little more fat in it, which gives it a better texture & makes it much tastier when cooked. You can also make your own, if you have a smoker grill. For a terrific recipe, visit my friend & master of the grill at Old Fat Guy’s Food Blog:


2 slices of seeded light, dark or marbled rye bread per sandwich (see Tip# 1)
Spicy brown mustard or use whatever type you prefer
1/3 to 1/2 lb sliced pastrami (not too thin) for each sandwich (see Tip# 2)
Optional for serving:
Claussen refrigerated mini dill pickles (they have a nice crunch) or use whatever brand you like
Terra (brand) exotic potato chips, potato salad, coleslaw or cook up your favorite French fries
Lindsay Naturals California black ripe olives


1. Get your plates ready for as many people you’re serving. Also have a colander, pair of tongs & a sharp knife ready.

2. Smear all the insides of both pieces of bread/rolls with mustard. Add any optional serving items to the plates & set aside.

3. In an appropriately sized pot for how much pastrami you’re cooking; bring some UNSALTED water to a rapid boil on high heat.

4. Add pastrami all at once, give it a quick stir & boil for just 30 seconds no longer (see Tip# 3).

5. Drain pastrami right away & using tongs pile some up on 1 piece of bread on each plate.

6. Close up each sandwich, slice in half & serve right away while they’re still hot.

Tips & Suggestions

1. I think pastrami is best on rye, but I’ve also successfully used multi-grain seeded bread & kaiser rolls. You can, if course, use whatever bread or rolls you like.

2. Personally I like my pastrami sandwich with just mustard. But some people like to build the sandwich by adding some of their favorite cheese (either sliced or shredded) and/or fried caramelized onion and/or some sauerkraut inside the sandwich. Whatever you’re adding, be sure to get it all ready to go before cooking the pastrami. Have fun with it & make it your own!

3. It’s important that you don’t over boil the pastrami. It’s already been cooked, so what you’re after here… is just to get it hot for serving. If you boil it too long, it’ll start to get rubbery.