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Peach Apricot Ginger Spread

This mildly spicy, yet wonderfully sweet spread is best served on Naan bread (see Tip# 1) & served with a variety of spicy Asian style foods, including Thai & Indian food. It will last for months in the frig, but mine never lasts that long… as I’m always finding new dishes to pair it up with!


1/3 cup Smucker’s Orchard’s Finest Peach Apricot Preserves
1/3 cup ginger preserves
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
Smidgen spoon of ground cayenne pepper (see Tip# 2) or a very small pinch with your fingers


1. Add all the ingredients to a 1 quart glass mixing bowl.

2. With the side of a spoon cut up any large pieces of ginger into thirds or quarters.

3. Briskly mix with your spoon till well combined.

4. Transfer to a 1 cup glass container with lid. Cover & refrigerate overnight to allow the ingredients to marry & attain maximum flavor before using.

Tips & Suggestions

1. If you’re not familiar with Naan bread, you’re in for a treat. Naan is a delicious, soft, hand-stretched flatbread made in a traditional fashion in a high heat tandoor oven. Most larger supermarkets carry it these days & it’s usually found, prepackaged, in the bakery area. You can even freeze the package, as is, for months & the bread still tastes fresh when you defrost it!

2. I found a great set of 5 small measuring spoons online & they take the guess work out of measuring very small amounts that are less than a 1/4 tsp. Included in this set are measurements for Tad, Dash, Pinch, Smidgen & Drop. As of this writing, you can purchase a set of these Norpro 3080 mini stainless steel measuring spoons on for about $7.00. Check your favorite kitchen/cooking store, as they might sell them as well.