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NC Mountains

Warm greetings from the breathtaking mountains of western North Carolina. My name is Simone & I thank you for visiting my website & blog. I’m dedicating this website to my Nana Sally who began teaching me how to cook in the mid 1950’s, at the very young age of 5. Back then, the kitchen was always the hub of existence in our house. Even when people stopped by to visit, we always sat in the kitchen. One of my fondest childhood memories is of her putting me on a step stool & allowing me to help her cook breakfast. She has long since passed on, but remains solidly fixed in my heart. I also want to thank my Mom Ruth for always encouraging my creative side and supporting me in all my endeavors.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine & I’ve been creating recipes since I was in my teens. When my daughter was grown & leaving for college in the mid 1990’s, she mentioned how much she would miss my cooking. Because all my recipes were only in my head, I set off on a mission to make her a cookbook. This involved cooking every recipe, measuring & writing everything down, then cooking everything again to test the written word. It was truly a labor of love that took over 3 years to complete & after that I made sure to write down every recipe I created as I went along.

Foodie Home Chef

Through the years I have compiled a treasury of over 400 tried & true recipes of mine & some that I’ve gathered together from family & friends. Over time, I’ll be sharing all of these with you in the Recipes area of this website. After semi-retiring a couple of years ago from my graphic design work, I’ve had more time to fully engross myself in my first love… cooking & creating recipes.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy your visit here & will come back often to see what’s cookin’ at Foodie Home Chef!