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Simone’s Famous Italian Meatballs

I created these meatballs in the early 1970's & have never changed the original recipe because they've always gotten rave reviews. A bit labor intensive, but actually fun to make & well worth the effort. Once you taste these, mellowed in pasta sauce, you'll think you've gone to Italian heaven!

Yield: approximately 36 meatballs - serves 18 to 36

Cheater's Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Cheater’s Mushroom Pasta Sauce

I love mushrooms in my pasta sauce & when I used to buy mushroom pasta sauces in the grocery store, you could actually see good sized pieces of mushrooms in the jar. Not anymore, in the decades since the 1980's, the mushrooms have basically disappeared. So, when I buy pre-made pasta sauce, I always jazz it up with mushrooms myself!

Yield: 2 - 24 oz jars

Italian Chicken with Oregano Infused Pasta

Italian Chicken with Oregano Infused Pasta

This mouthwatering meal is one you'll want to make over & over again, especially on busy days. It's very easy to put together & cleanup is so easy!

Serves: 2