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Terms Of Use

Here at FoodieHomeChef.com our Terms of Use are very simple and it is our sincerest hope that you will be gracious enough to abide by these terms:

You are free to “use” our recipes in any non-commercial way that you wish. However, in their original form, you may not claim the recipes as your own, sell, rent or profit from them in any fashion without our written permission.

If you substantially change a recipe & significantly reword a recipe in your own words, then you are free to do as you wish with your new creation.

In regards to all pictures & images on the FoodHomeChef website:

All images are either our own copyrighted artwork & photos, are royalty free clipart and photos from companies that we pay subscription fees to belong to and we abide by their terms of use or are from artists who have granted their permission for their images to be used in this fashion. You may not remove, copy or use any images from the FoodieHomeChef website for any purpose or for any reason.

Thank you for your cooperation!