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Welcome to Foodie Home Chef, coming to you from the breathtaking mountains of western North Carolina. My name is Simone & I thank you for visiting my Blog.

Cooking has been a life long passion of mine & I’ve been creating recipes since I was in my teens. I like to call myself a “Moderatarian” (moder – atarian). It’s a word I coined that perfectly describes my outlook on eating & staying healthy. Basically it just means a person who eats everything in MODERATION, not denying yourself anything, per se… but focusing on healthier foods, as well as eating as many organics as your budget will allow. Furthermore, I believe that there is nothing more important in life than what you put in your mouth & in your body, afterall… it’s the temple of where your soul lives and keeping it healthy is very important.

Through the years I have compiled a treasury of over 400 tried & true recipes of mine & some that I’ve gathered together from family & friends. Over time, I’ll be sharing all of these with you in the Recipes area of this website.

I encourage you, not only to follow my Blog, but to write me with any suggestions or tips you might have that I can share with your fellow visitors. You can send me a message through the Contact area at this website.

Walk in Beauty,

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Foodie Home Chef Blog

  1. I love the term “Moderatarian”. I am always looking for unique and diversified recipes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi LaRena & thanks for stopping by! Glad you love my word Moderatarian and I take it you probably subscribe to the same food attitude. Hope you’ll find some recipes here that you’ll try.

  2. Well, congrats on a Very well organized Food site, your recipes are well explained, keeping it well informed and down to “Basics”, making it very easy to follow directions, but most of all to cook and just enjoy all the Greattttttt recipes that are at your site. Thank you so much. : – )

    1. Hey there Anne… so glad you dropped by & thanks so much for the compliment! It’s been 2 years of hard (enjoyable) work, but worth the effort. Hope you find some recipes you like & keep coming by as the mood strikes.

    1. Thanks so much Kath… I’m glad you’ll be a regular visitor & hope you find some recipes you’ll enjoy!

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