Berried Treasure
Berried Treasure

Berried Treasure

July 31, 2017

Warning... addictive! One of my favorite snacks & super easy to make. These also make a fun & healthy dessert for the whole family.

Serves: 4 to 6


6 oz organic fresh raspberries

Semi-sweet chocolate chips (see Tip#1)


1 Rinse & dry the raspberries on some paper towels.

2 Gently press one chocolate chip, upside down, in each raspberry & place on a serving plate.

Berried Treasure

3 Serve & watch them disappear!

4 You can make these ahead of time & refrigerate, uncovered, for a day or so until ready to serve.

Tips & Suggestions

1 Change things up a bit by using any variety of chocolate chips you like... milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate etc. You can also use blueberries (washed & dried) instead of chocolate chips!


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