Power Salad with Orange Avocado Dressing
Power Salad with Orange Avocado Dressing

Power Salad with Orange Avocado Dressing

September 25, 2016

Ever hear of food synergy? It's when certain superfoods are combined together to create an even healthier food. This recipe contains 3 examples of food synergy; Kale & Almonds, Avocado & Tomato, Orange & Avocado making this one delicious, super healthy salad. Definitely something you'll want to add to your daily diet or at least a few times a week!

Serves: 4


1/4 cup chopped Vidalia onion

1/2 Hass avocado, pitted & remove flesh from skin (see Tip# 1)

1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice or store bought not from concentrate

1 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice

1/8 tsp sea salt or Herbamare

Fresh ground black pepper, 6 pepper mill turns

1 1/2 tsp raw honey

1 large handful of organic baby kale, spinach & chard combo per salad

Few wedges cut from an organic tomato per salad

1 Tblsp chopped roasted almonds per salad


1 For the dressing; in this order... add onion, avocado, orange juice, lime juice, salt, pepper & honey into a small blender cup (like a Bullet).

2 Stir till the honey is combined & not sticking to the blender cup, puree till smooth & transfer to a bowl.

3 Completely cover with plastic wrap right up against the dressing, making sure there are no air pockets. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight to allow the ingredients to marry & mellow.

4 For the salad(s); combine the greens & tomato in a bowl. Top each with a dollop of dressing, then almonds & serve. If there's any dressing leftover, reseal the bowl, refrigerate & use up within a few days.

Tips & Suggestions

1 For full instructions & step by step photos, see Avocado Facts & Preparing Techniques in the Fruit category.


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  1. I love salads, and avocado is life! I will try the dressing with avocado, it is not only healthy but looks so delicious!

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